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Bio Talks

for doctoral (FRS-IGA) and postdoctoral candidates (GDaPE)


Whether in science communication, as junior professors, or at SICK AG—individual career paths inside and outside of academia are quite multifaceted. With our Bio Talks we want to demonstrate that there is not only one way to go.

In 90-minute talks speakers from inside and outside academia describe their individual career paths and everyday work. You will learn more about individual career models, be able to ask questions at the end of each event, and expand your network.


05 Dec. 2022: “Karriere in der Wissenschaftskommunikation an Hochschulen” [de]

12:15 pm — 1:45 pm, FRS Seminarraum, Friedrichstraße 41-43

Bastian Strauch (Deputy Press Officer and Department Head of the Office of University and Sciene Communication)


12 Jan. 2023: “The Challenges of Becoming/Being a Junior Professor” [en]

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, Zoom

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Priscilla Briquez (Molecular ImmunoEngineering),

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Natalie Köhler (Precision Targeting of Signalling),

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jonathan Henshaw (Theoretical Biology)


01 Mar. 2023: “Karrierewege in der Industrie – die SICK AG als Arbeitgeberin” [de]

5:00 pm – 6.30 pm, Zoom

Dr. Angelina Müller (New Technologies Engineer)




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