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Clear, Engaging and Persuasive: Academic Writing to Stand Out

Target Group

Postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines



This advanced writing workshop aims to support participants in enhancing their academic writing so as to stand out from the crowd by producing writing that is clear, engaging and persuasive.

On the first day, participants identify the key characteristics of a clear, engaging and persuasive text. Having done that, they explore how to adjust their style for specific needs (academic journal, policy brief, funding application, etc.). As a next step, they investigate how to structure an academic paper. Finally, they receive guidance on pitching their manuscript to the editors of an academic journal (title, abstract and cover letter).

On the second day, participants meet the trainer in a series of one-to-one meetings. Through this tailored approach, they discuss their specific situation, eventual challenges and ways to craft clear, engaging and persuasive texts.



At the end of this workshop, you know how to

  • find a focus by identifying an appropriate research question.
  • examine structural relationships within and between sections of a paper.
  • understand the drafting and revision processes.
  • create precise, accurate, and correct sentences.
  • recognize stylistically adequate and inadequate language.



  • Practical exercises to incorporate what has been learned.
  • Plenum discussion to share best practice within the group.
  • Working together with a partner to test one’s approach.
  • One-to-one session for enhanced tailor-made support.
  • Managing the writing process through own writing samples.


Course instructor

Dr. Matteo Garavoglia | Impulsplus


10 h


Tue 10.01.2023, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wed 11.01.2023, 9:00 am  4:00 pm (one-to-one meetings of 30-45 min per participant)


Please fill in the registration form and send it to


Online via Zoom

Max. No. of Participants

12 Postdocs