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Understanding Review Processes in Research Funding

Target Group

Postdocs of natural and life sciences in early career stages



Every major decision in research and science is based on variations of the Peer Review Principle: the distribution of grants, the acceptance of manuscripts for publication, evaluation decisions regarding scholarships, awards, or tenured professorships, etc.

For a successful career in the scientific system it is thus crucial to understand the logic of peer review processes.

This workshop presents different review strategies and background information from the perspective of research funders. It addresses young postdoctoral researchers of natural and life sciences.

Participants prepare short [mock] applications and act as reviewers in two role-play panel meetings. By “role-playing” the whole process of a peer review meeting, the participants gather first-hand experience and deeply understand its strength and shortcomings. They profit in a twofold manner:

  1. as applicants: by being able to address their reviewers in a more specific and sophisticated way,
  2. as future reviewers: by collecting insights that help them to make peer review work better.


  • Background information from research funding
    • Types of review processes
    • Selection of reviewers
    • Observations from real life review
  • Shortcomings of peer review and trade-offs
  • Role-play of peer review meeting to gain first-hand experience
  • In-depth reflection and discussion of observations from this role


By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • deeply understand how peer review works
  • know how to address reviewers effectively in your own funding applications
  • be prepared for the role as a reviewer


Presentation, discussion, role-play



Willingness to

  • write a short (mock) application and
  • review the applications of other participants

You will receive detailed instructions in time to prepare these steps prior to the workshop.


Course Conductor

Dr. Oliver Grewe | Oliver Grewe Consulting


8 h  15 min + 2 h preparation of grant application


Fri, 09 Dec. 2022, 9:00 am – 5:15 pm


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Online via Zoom

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