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STAY!/Come and STAY! Bridging Scholarship

About the scholarship

The New University Endowment Freiburg and the University of Freiburg are committed to supporting female researchers who have successfully completed their doctorate and want to pursue an academic career. The "STAY!/Come and STAY!" bridging scholarships are intended to unburden suitable junior researchers for the time needed to write a habilitation exposé or research exposé or an application for leadership of a research unit (six months) and enable them to subsequently apply for suitable follow-up financing in academia, such as a project staff position, a researcher's or habilitation scholarship, etc. (another six months).

The funding period is twelve months. The monthly scholarship payment is 1,800 euros. If the applicant is eligible for child benefit or a child tax credit in Germany, the scholarship pays an additional 300 euros per child per month, upon application.


Target group

The "STAY!/Come and STAY!" bridging scholarship is aimed at outstanding female junior researchers who have a qualifying doctorate. The minimum requirement for application is a doctoral thesis which has been submitted. If the applicant has already completed her doctorate, completion should not usually have been more than twelve months prior to application (STAY!). The New University Endowment Freiburg offers the "Come and STAY!" bridging scholarship for female junior researchers who have commenced academic employment outside Germany subsequent to their doctorate and who would like to conduct their next academic endeavor (habilitation project, research project, research unit leadership) at the University of Freiburg.
Furthermore the requirements set out under 2. apply insofar as the planned academic project at the University of Freiburg must follow on immediately from the conclusion of the postdoctoral employment abroad.
In this case you need to have a professor at this university who is willing to supervise your research.



For the requirements for the granting of a scholarship, please check the documents in the download section.


Application procedure

The scholarship will not be awarded on 2022.

You will find information and documents about a new calling on this page in good time.

Until then, we ask you to refrain from inquiries about the application.


Applications can be submitted in German or English language. You are welcome to send your application in electronic format (one single PDF file, not exceeding 3 MB) as well as the completed questionnaire as a Word file and the Excel sheet in Excel format.



Mariana Vargas Ustares

Abteilung Gleichstellung, Diversität und akademische Personalentwicklung
Tel.: +49 761 203-9053

Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment.


Most questions about the scholarship are answered in the scholarship guidelines and the FAQs. If you still have any questions, please contact us.

Applications will only be passed on to the selection board when all necessary documents are included.

In this regard, please contact us in time, before submitting your application.