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Tell your Story – Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

Target group

This workshop targets doctoral and postdoctoral candidates who want to captivate audiences with their presentations, e.g. at conferences.



Audiences can sit for hours watching a play unfold. Why? Simply put, we humans love stories. Every time we speak in front of an audience, in essence, we are telling a story. However, especially in academia, creating a captivating presentation feels like a challenge. So, how do we make our stories heard? This workshop focuses on techniques that help participants find and hone their message, create a compelling narrative, and effectively convey the story of their research and of themselves as individuals.



The skills that this workshop develops are essential for any academics wanting to captivate audiences with presentations at conferences or when applying for professorships.

After the workshop, participants will…

  • use a strategy to clearly and concisely outline their presentation and their main message
  • activate their audience’s imagination with stories, analogies, and metaphors to make complex concepts relatable and tangible
  • develop strategies for presenting material in a format that engages the listener
  • project confidence and competence with their delivery of a well crafted message
  • enhance their message with visual aids that support their main points



This workshop is designed to reach the target aims through meaningful practice, individual and group activities, theatre exercises, and presenting and evaluating presentations.



In order to apply the learned principles in a pragmatic way, all participants are required to have a 3-5 minute presentation prepared and ready to use. The presentation must be with visuals (powerpoint or another presentation application).

There will also be another couple of small assignments that participants will receive before the workshop.



Francesca Carlin,


8 hours +2 hours “fieldwork” between sessions


Mon, 24 June 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Tues, 25 June 2024, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Please register via the campus management portal HISinOne.


FRS Seminar Room, Friedrichstr. 41-43, 2nd floor

Max. number of participants

8 doctoral & 4 postdoctoral researchers